Lehigh Valley Counseling Resources is located at 214 W. Broad Street in Bethlehem, PA. Services include child, adolescent, individual, marriage and family counseling.

Carol Corso, M.A. has dedicated her career to working with children and families. Her background as a special education teacher for over twenty-five years, combined with extensive counseling experience, has provided her with a unique perspective from which to help families. Although working with special needs children is Carol's specialty, she also provides individual, marriage and family therapy.
Thomas Corso, M.S.W., has a wealth of experience working with adolescents and families. Thomas, over the span of his career, has worked intensively with adjudicated youth and their families. His passion for building on the strengths of individuals and tapping into their potential,
is evident through his work. Thomas also  provides individual, marriage and family therapy.

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